Top Ten: Women Fiction Writers/Riders Print
Written by Cara Mae McGuire   


For those of us who love to take a mental journey: don those invisible leathers, jump on that magical motorcycle and ride the roads of your soul. Discover places inside your heart and head long forgotten. HH has compiled a mighty fine group of women fiction writers dedicated to taking you there.



#1 Erika Lopez - “Flaming Iguanas”

We bode Ms. Erika Lopez a grand bow of our helmet as we honor her in the highest regard for her feisty flavor and humor that she elicits throughout all her books. This authoress set out on a dare to learn to ride a motorcycle, then a week later rode cross country and lived to write about it! If it‘s wild and raw candor you want for your mental trip, then the “Flaming Iguanas” is just the vehicle! The main character “Tomato” is an outlaw philosopher searching for her identity and freedom on the road, which may leave you gasping for air but never disappointed! Publishers Simon & Schuster couldn’t ignore her, now we dare you too.


#2 Tyrenna Tolbert - “Who’s Got Skills”

New writer on the block, Tyrenna Tolbert, has a new spin on suspense romance with her book “Who’s Got Skills”. Tyrenna shows the world how strong and powerful a woman rider can be, yet never forgetting her beautiful and sensitive side, all set on the fast streets of New York City. In her novel, Patience, aka Too Cute, debuts as a natural force who gets caught in the mix of men, murder and mayhem. A must read that is guaranteed to keep your wheels spinning! Stay tuned for the sequel!




#3 Vicki Billison - “Chrome and Black Lace”

Vicki Billison, a not-so-late bloomer to the sport of motorcycling, got her license at age 40 and has since banked in over 100,000 miles on three motorbikes! Upon retirement from the field of journalism, she was challenged to the task of novel writing so this Canadian seized the wheel to combine both her natural skills! And true to her moto-spirit “Chrome and Black Lace” follows two friends having the time of their lives experiencing the ultimate road trip while discovering what life and love really mean.



#4 Helena Mims - “Girl On A Motorbike”

From a young age Helena Mims always knew she would be a biker. But little did she know that in doing so would lead her to be part of what is now the foundation for today’s women riders. Based on a true story, the main character Pims is almost a mirror image of Helena herself, as she grasps at her own trials and tribulations of trying to persevere in the male dominated community. “Girl On A Motorbike” is set in both the UK and the USA during the 70s. With in the pages you’ll find that it wasn’t easy on either side of the pond for a woman to organize a club or even to be accepted as a rider. Throughout all her hard knocks, Pims never gives up her love for motorcycling and neither does Helena. This is the book for you if you have a zeal for historical fiction. Also, her new novel will be out in 2010 entitled “The Oakwood Riders”.




#5 Jade Cameron - “Freedom Rider”

If it’s fast-paced action mystery you want, then Canadian author Jade Cameron has it with her debut thriller “Freedom Rider”. An exciting tale of two women riding from Canada to Argentina on a quest to free one’s husband from a grand scheme of debauchery and deportation, while rolling through some sticky situations along the way. This book was derived out of an international annual event known as the National Novel Writing Month, where a writer has the month of November to complete a literary work. Yes, folks, only one month! Jade was inspired by her recent rider status as of 2005 and newfound road experiences to zoom through this feat. And lucky for us she has a new story in the series, “Dark Riders of Oath”… coming soon!



#6 Chynna Clugston - “Scooter Girl”

Ride into the sophisticated world of a certain savoir faire gal known as “Scooter Girl”, a character full of confident Italian style and a posh Lambretta scooter zipping to and fro. Graphic novelist, Chynna Clugston, shares her love for all things scooter in this six part saga created to fulfill anyone’s dream of living the subculture Mod lifestyle akin to the likes of those in London during the 50s & 60s. Her unique illustrations exemplify the dandy beatnik scene with just the right amount of romance to keep you wondering does the boy really get the girl. FYI: This may be a comic, but it’s definitely not for the kiddies!




#7 Judy Clemens - "Stella Crown Mysteries"

Super sleuth heroine, Stella Crown, really leads a double life, by day she is a dairy farmer and by night a pseudo private investigator. In each of Judy Clemens’ five Stella Crown Mystery novels you will get a healthy dose of respect and pride for the good hearted H-D bikeress and cohorts, who uncannily always wind up in the thick of it but manage in the end to solve the crime. Judy’s talent for crime writing has not gone unrewarded as her first book of the series “Till the Cows Come Home” won the Agatha & Anthony Awards for Best First Novel from the Mystery Writers of America.



#8 Karina Kantas - “Lawless Justice”

If it is a fearless club of women riders that sparks your interest, Karina Kantas, has just the characters for you…purr-fectly dubbed “The Kittenz”, a wild bunch of gals who beat the UK justice system by taking the law into their own claws. An entertaining sexy read that will keep you on the edge of your motorcycle seat, not knowing whether these vigilantes will hook’em up or knock’em down. When Karina is not writing about the strong, beautiful, leather bound felines, she embraces her scooterista side and roams her current home of Greece on a Piaggio Liberty.




#9 Adelle “Legs” Laudan - "Iron Horse Rider"

Romance, drama and the mystique of a motorcycle, a perfect mix for anyone who loves to read about the motorcycle lifestyle. In Adelle Laudan’s books she makes it her duty to “change the image of bikers…one book at a time” and true to her words she does just that in her “Iron Horse Rider” trilogy. In these novels, you will experience the rules of the road, tragedies that bring people together and the sincerity of unconditional love. A dramatic spiritual journey to inspire and intrigue you to embrace bikerhood without any hesitation. “Hey Legs, when this book hit’s the big screen, you will be riding the trike of your dreams!”



#10 J.R. Turner - “My Biker Bodyguard”

Born and raised in a biker clan, J.R. Turner took the old adage of “write what you know” to heart in her romantic suspense novel “My Biker Bodyguard”, where motorcycles and tattoos go hand in hand and family means everything despite one’s last name. In this tale, Jessica Owens is a tattoo artist slash motorcycle mechanic caught in the midst of a million dollar hit scheme, the loyalty to her father and her attraction to a hunky bodyguard sworn to protect her. And it’s all because of a mother she never knew who suddenly reappears in her life turning her world upside down. This 2004, Where the Magic Begins award-winning novel will make an excellent addition to any moto-library, as a prime example of good old biker pride.