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Written by Cara Mae McGuire   


We pay tribute to women who not only live “it” but see “it” from a different angle -the motorcycle lifestyle that is, those gals who are hidden behind the lens and lights of a camera. Check it!


sara liberte web

#1 Sara Liberte

Sara Liberte’s dynamic photographic twist of mind, body and machine melts a person’s soul and the spirit of a motorcycle together in her art of Image Fusion. This revolutionary concept took photography “to a whole other level” garnering much notoriety. Her two stunning collections that showcase this style and rocked the moto-world are “Woman and Machine” and “Builder and Machine.” Sara carries this credit humbly and lends her artistic eye to other areas too, as co-owner of RT’s North Hills Cycle, a published author and a spokeswoman for women riders in the moto-scene.


sarah lyon web

#2 Sarah Lyon

Sarah Lyon’s photographic mission is to catapult the dynamic image of women in the mechanics industry. She roams cross-country on her motorcycle, capturing women in their natural habitat “the repair shop” whether it is motorcycle, automobile or aircraft, the stereotypes are challenged and discoveries are made then published in her yearly Female Mechanics calendar. Her photography exudes a candid sense of experience, as she is also a motorcycle mechanic and knows what women have had to overcome in this male dominated field.


les gering web

#3 Lesley Gering

Lesley Gering, Canada’s MotorGirl, blows us away with her organic photo imagery of women. The “Women and the Art of Motorcycles” series leaves you with an eerie feeling of déjà vu, capturing a real life moment, which you will have sworn you experienced yourself. The series became a calendar with the proceeds donated to Breast Cancer Research and is now awaiting a new life as a book compiled with stories and anecdotes of a Motorgirl’s life on the road. Lesley doesn’t limit herself to the camera, her fine art spills over onto the canvas too, in a powerful take on science and sensuality. motor


hippychickim1 web

#4 Kim Teems

Kim Teems, or Hippy Chic Kim as she is affectionately known, is a graphic and web designer by trade - photographer by heart. Kim uses her natural talent with a camera to uplift the motorcycle life with ties to Road Rash Magazine, Thunder on the Rock Rally and other notable motorcycle endeavors. But her main focus, Ride 4 Smiles for FACES, is now her latest labor of love. For this yearly charity ride, she helps promote and organize this event to benefit children born with craniofacial disorders who are in need of support, information and financial assistance. It is through the images of these children that Hippy Chic Kim’s keen eye finds true beauty. Random


dayna linton

#5 Dayna Linton Dayna “Big Mamma”

Linton, half of the husband wife duo, snaps biker culture with a flick of her camera all recorded in a poignant series known as “Views From the Sissy Bar.” Dayna and her husband, Matthew Linton, travel the rally circuit unraveling the mystique of the American motorcycle. With each candid shot a story is told, not only about the people around this icon, but about how the two-rider and machine, naturally become one. You may be able to see these visual pieces in their newly created ArtBiker Magazine and stay tuned in 2010, the duo will be debuting their first documentary entitled “Deacons of Deadwood Motorcycle Club.”


christina shook  web

#6 Christina Shook

Christina Shook dedicates her photographic talents to all the different faces of the woman rider in her book, Chicks On Bikes, where the negative public perception of ‘biker chicks’ is put to rest. Christina’s images tell the real story of real women who ride- declaring that we have been riding just as long as our male counterparts -riding with purpose and passion. These striking images of women, caught on film by Christina, are forever immortalized each with an individual story adding a unique chapter in the grand scheme of motorcycle history books.


karen derby web

#7 Karen Derby

Karen Derby takes to the "good moto road" by capturing real people in real places from the highest peak in Peru to the winding roads of South Dakota. Her images have graced such publications as V-Twin, American Iron and Easy Riders magazines. Her professional collection entitled “Life on 2 Wheels“ takes a look at the joy of motorcycling, each piece displays that certain feeling one can only get from a motorcycle. Karen is also training to be a MSF instructor, which will definitely be reflected in the depth and perception of her artwork.


jules web

#8 Jules

Jules, Australia’s beacon of glamorous motorbike portraiture, captures the moto life down under in a crisp, fast and exciting fashion guaranteed to leave you gasping. She does this by using her camera as a tool and her perspective as a sanctuary, taking comfort in her quest to reveal the unspoken that is hidden behind leather and metal. You can find her prestigious work in various venues across Australia, such as the Ladies of Harley Gold Coast Calendar and on the pages of Ozbike Magazine.


betsy huelskamp self web

# 9 Betsy Huelskamp

Betsy Huelskamp’s vivid photography is the natural result of her zeal for global expeditions. Her photo explorations take you visually to the far corners of the Earth from India, to Africa, to Nepal and back again, most of the time by motorcycle. Betsy also travels in the celebrity circles as well, where her shots get up close and personal with stars like Peter Fonda, Steven Tyler and Lorenzo Lamas.


sasha mullins web

#10 Sasha Mullins

Sasha Mullins, Biker Lady extraordinaire, chronicles life’s journey on the road in a vast array of fun and flashy photography. The images captured run the gamut through a life full of “Ridelicious” behavior at rallies and runs, with special attention on the infamous Sturgis Black Hills Rally. Sasha’s artistic talent isn’t exclusive to just film, her light shines on other arenas, as a published authoress and rockin’ musician.



Honorable Mention:


cheryl rawlings web

#Cheryl Rawlings

Helmet Hair’s very own staff photographer, Cheryl Rawlings, persues the camera as a medium in which to express the spirit of her vision. A vision to liberate, not only the grace of a motorcycle, but the woman rider within. From standing in dirt pits for Motocross shots to back seat balancing in moving cars to capture women in motion atop their bikes, we've placed Cheryl in some demanding predicaments. But yet, she never fails to deliver flawless, brilliant shots!

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