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Written by Cara Mae McGuire   

Whether it's a weekend hobby or a lifetime career, motorcycle racing goes beyond borders, where women internationally are banding together as team mates and proving to be true contenders in the world of racing. HH has compiled a list of these incredible "all girl" motorcycle race teams that are holding their own around the globe.


team octopuss france #1 Team Octopuss: France

French matriarchs, Eliane Pscherer and Fabienne Le Rousic, founded Team Octopuss in 1996 vowing to bring a new dynamic to the motorcycle race scene in France: women. And boy did they! The ladies celebrate a 14-year legacy of their country’s first and largest all-girl motorcycle race team. The team engages over ten members in over seven different categories of racing such as 125‘s, 600‘s, National Cup Endurance races and even the International Grand Prix! To add to their list of accomplishments, they also were the “first female crew” to complete the Le Mans Honda 99 in a twenty-four hour period. When Eliane and Fabienne are not managing their extremely successful team, they trot the globe sharing their experiences and encouraging other women to enter this wonderful, fast world.  


 yakhnich team russia#2 Yakhnich Motorsport Team: Russia

Speed, adventure, risk, race and victory are a way of life for Nadia Yakhnich and Nataliya Lubimova, team mates of Russia’s first and only woman road racing team. The two elite racers have made it their mission to advance Russian women to the top in the sport of motorcycling. They have made great progress having ranked highly in the Russian Road Racing Cup, The Women’s Italian Championship and also the Women’s European Championship, to name a few. With these accolades under their belts, they aspire to go the distance in hopes of capturing gold and silver medal positions at more prestigious international competitions. It’s no surprise then that their thrill of riding extends beyond the track. Nadia is in an elite group of Agusta Tamburini owners - only four models are said to exist in Russia; and only 300 in the world!


 mad bat web#3 Mad Bat Race Team: Italy

Formally called Sliding Angels, the Mad Bat Race Team is stoked and ready to roll out their 2010 season. For the first time in Italy, there are now three major Supermoto Championships with an official woman’s class. Team mates, Mary Girotti and Martina Beltrandi, look forward to competing with other femme-fatales as they share a common ambition in a sport that is an aggressive evolution of motocross and road racing. Mary and Martina have already proven to be a force worth reckoning with by their male counterparts riding on their KTM 450SXF around the supermotard track combo of dirt and tarmac.


team vanson usa lge#4 Team Vanson: USA

Team Vanson has been tearing it up at the AMA National Dragbike races nationwide since 1997, without ever missing an event. Debbie Knebel is a four-time Prostar Street ET Winner, who finished the 2009 series 6th in Pro ET and 10th in Super Comp despite the added challenge of learning an unfamiliar bike, a new ZX14, donated by Rickey Gadson's Drag Race School. While Eeman Heisler on the other hand is set to bring it on for the 2010 season racing her Kawasaki in Street ET. These ladies maintain their vim and vigor off the drag as well. Debbie likes to keep the pit area party friendly while Eeman lights up the awards stage by coordinating entertainment and performing musical parodies. Currently, the first and only all-woman team sponsored by Vanson Leathers. 


team dirty girls canada#5 Team Dirty Girl Motor Racing: Canada

Canadian gal, Andrea Goodman and cohorts participate under a few different team names to fit the race venue of their choice, yes; variety is what drives these women! Both Team Dirty Girls and Team Iron Ovaries are inclined towards vintage endurance racing at the VRRA’s Mosport Festival and the Shannonville Quinte TT, which as rumor has it, they were the first all-girl team to enter this competition. Team Dirty Girls also can be found racing Hondas - Honda scooters, that is - where they were the first female team ever to finish the coveted Straight Jacket Class on a 50cc in the allotted 24 hour timeframe at the infamous 2009 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally in Gatineau Quebec, Canada.


feisty web#6 Feisty Racing*: United Kingdom

Susie Grayson and Deb Cartwright created Feisty Racing in 2004 with a group of friends who decided that the arena of British motorcycle racing needed a fast feminine touch. The result of this collaboration has been a huge success over the years serving as both inspiration for more women to ride and also as a springboard to get other aspiring UK femme racers involved in the sport. Last heard, the ladies of Feisty Racing were working on solidifying a women’s division in the notorious Yamaha R6 Cup Championship.



nzbadd girls web#7 BADD Girl Sidecar Race Team: New Zealand

“I’d Rather Passenger a Sidecar – Than a Drunk Driver” is the motto for the BADD Girl Sidecar Race Team where creating awareness about the consequences of drunk driving is just as important as conquering the track. And they do it on three wheels, two up, all the while balancing just inches away from the asphalt at phenomenal speeds. Sponsored by the New Zealand Bikers Against Drunk Driving, Tracey Anderson and Jo Mickleson, are thrilled to be the only woman sidecar team in New Zealand, with a mission too! The team officially kicked off the 2009 season with a 6th place overall win at the NZ Suzuki Tri-Series and finished up with the honorable Howard Gregory Memorial Trophy at the Paeroe Battle of the Streets. The team gives special creds to their “rig” a DMR Yamaha 600 trike dubbed “Pinky” which was built by sidecar race legend Dave Molyneux of the Isle of Man.


depistonnekes web#8 Des Pistonekes: Belguim

This group of Belgian girls, “The Piston Heads” is as sassy as they are savvy. Taking nothing for granted on or off the track, they know the true meaning of girl-power. Belgium’s first all-female motorcycle race team consist of four pilots, two pit crew members and one photographer all rallying around a 1996 Honda CBR 600F, which is hot pink of course! And to give a boast to their girl-power attitude any person of the male persuasion who wishes to bask in their presence must don their official pink team tees! The vibrant team competes all in good fun and friendship at the No Budget Cup Series throughout Belgium, Germany and France. 


team mari #9 Team Mari: Spain

Affectionately named Team Mari out of an endearment between friends, Elisabeth “Lissy” Hoyle and Angela Ruiz-Cortina have turned their namesake into a dashing two-year road racing adventure. Both team mates acquired much personal and public triumph as they conquered the course from the start in 2008. They were the only race team duo at the first all-female bike race organized by Racing 100 in Spain, and more accolades followed with Lissy taking 3rd place in the “extreme category” on a Suzuki GSX 750 at the European Female Championship. Lissy and Angela have reaped the rewards of their young team and look forward to another successful season in 2010 with their sights set on the Spanish Regional Castillian-Manchego Motorcycle Federation’s (FCMM) women’s race.


plush racing web#10 Plush Racing*: USA

In 2003 after viewing the MotoGP documentary, FASTER, Melody, Aimee, Ana and Stacey were inspired by the movie’s message about the race scene and wanted to expand and share that idea to include women, thus Plush Racing was born. These ladies created a place where women riders can receive advice, support, and mentorship as well as a marquee platform to race under. To support this expensive venture, the team started Plush Motorsports Marketing, a win-win situation, where a business can get their name in lights by sponsoring a racer to compete at more expensive high level tracks. Since its inception, the original fab four have expanded to 19 members in Northern California, who run the race gamut in street, drag, dirt, and supermoto.


Honorable Mention:

queensland yamaha girls team australia webQueensland Yamaha MX Team*: Australia

 Shining stars of the Australian women’s motocross scene are the Queensland Yamaha MX Team featuring dirt rider trio: Courtney Knight, Tamara Gray and Brooke Thiemann. The vivacious crew kicked off their 2010 season with a bang while dominating opponents by taking both first and second place wins at the Go-Girls Women’s Off-Road Series, Queensland's biggest all women’s motocross event. This year also sees Knight poised for more triumphs with a long list of junior victories under her belt raising her up to the senior ranks. Gray builds on her creds as being the only female in Queensland to ever be graded to Intermediate competition in the men’s class. And defending her title, Thiemann is the current QLD Natural Terrain MX Champion.


*This information solely reflects the teams' web sites; and representatives from each were not able to be reached to confirm their current activity.