Road Goddess Guide: 2011 Motor-Scope Special Edition Print
Written by Cara Mae McGuire   

image credit admane samir Aries: The Ram

There should be some social benefit to your cruising in 2011 my dear Aries, particularly if you feel restless. Your job may be purely for monetary reasons and your current family life is…well, lets just say “lifeless”. Start getting involved with a volunteer organization via your moto-club or a charity bike run. Your contributions and riding abilities may be so impressive that a job offer could become of it. And what a relief to get paid to do something meaningful, while riding your motorcycle to boot! Either way, the time well spent will add wondrous dimensions to your life and help lift the depression that has occasionally cycled through you.
Helmet Hair’s notable Aries: HH friend and Women’s MX Legend, Tami Rice
Taurus: The Bull 
Honestly Taurus, if you want to enjoy unlimited freedom, you’ll have to make some temporary sacrifices in 2011. Putting money into savings is one way to get closer to this goal. Expanding your social cycle circle is another. The more people you know, the easier it will be to establish the moto-lifestyle you desire. So, seek out other cycle sisters and brothers whose interests are related to yours and enjoy the ride. Oh, and that money you have stashed will come in handy as a long awaited journey will finally reveal itself.
Helmet Hair’s notable Taurus: HH Culture writer, Lisa Zentz
Gemini: The Twins
The comforts of home may prevent you from getting your wheels spinning, as 2011 rolls in. Could it be a challenging endeavor has you stopped in your tracks, Gemini? It’s understandable you don’t want to take a risk right now, but it’s important to take advantage of any golden moto-opportunities that end up in your path. You’ll be surprised by what the road has in store for you and your enthusiasm will catapult you to stardom within the motorcycle community. So, get up and ride with it!
Helmet Hair’s notable Gemini: HH friend and ASMI owner, Vicki Roberts-Sanfelipo
Cancer: The Crab 
Certain people in the motorcycle industry could make you feel small and insignificant. But seriously Cancer, 2011 is not the time to buy into this image of yourself, why not challenge it? There’s no reason you can’t achieve the same level of success as those who throw stones. Perhaps you need to consider further education in your rider training or even become a motorcycle mechanic apprentice. Something you have always had a knack for but never had the drive to do. Don’t be discouraged if it seems like the moto-process is taking a long time, it will definitely be worth the miles of sacrifice.
Helmet Hair’s notable Cancer: HH Scooteristas Unite! writer, Taryn Kail
Leo: The Lion
“Easy come, easy go” may be your attitude towards money and motorcycles, which isn’t especially wise for 2011. Although it’s important to satisfy your material desires, o ye queen of the open road, it’s also essential that you devote a portion to your future. In the long run, going into debt will force you to work harder and ride less. Which in the end will cause you to miss out on an incredible moto-investment. So start getting those bills paid off as soon as possible, start your adventure fund and discover what the good road has in store for you.
Helmet Hair’s notable Leo: HH Culture writer, Jessica Prokup
Virgo: The Virgin
You have tremendous needs right now, Virgo, which can put a strain on new moto-relationships in 2011. Make an extra effort to focus on others in the motorcycle community for now. Even the smallest attempt will be appreciated by your cycle sisters and brothers. By concentrating on other people’s desires, your own wants will seem less important in comparison. Resist the urge to criticize, they’ll do much better if you praise their positive aspects. And in doing so your efforts will be rewarded tenfold on and off the road.
Helmet Hair’s notable Virgos: HH Culture writer, Alice Sexton and Scooteristas Unite! writer, Heather Owens
Libra: The Scales
Escapist tendencies could hinder your road progress this year, Libra. Once you deal with practical matters, you can get some actual seat time in instead of dreaming about it. Ward off daydreams by making a list of three things you need to accomplish by the end of each day and do them. Having focus will help you perform these tasks and get you back on the tarmac in no time. It’s easy to ride away in a fantasy when your are overwhelmed with so much work to be done. Just keep your goals realistic and embrace balance with your fringe flying.
Helmet Hair’s notable Libras: HH photographer, Cheryl Rawlings and Culture writer, Vtwin Mama aka Petra Baer
Scorpio: The Scorpion
My-o-my Scorpio, you may have self-serving motives in helping friends out in biker community, which makes you feel bad in 2011. You may be under the impression that unless you do something nice for others, they won’t have anything to do with you. Refrain from going overboard on elaborate gestures and expensive gifts. Take it easy on the road with your pals and see what happens. The fact is, your gang is more interested in who you are and your positive presence in the motorcycle community, than what you can offer materially. So relax and enjoy the ride.
Helmet Hair’s notable Scorpio: HH co-editor/creator, Cara Mae McGuire
Sagittarius: The Archer
Finally in 2011, you could be handed the reins of power, Ms. Sagittarius. As flattering as this may be and well over due in the motorcycle industry, do take care that this newfound glory doesn’t go to your head. You’ll be much more effective with your wheels to the ground. Also, present ideas as friendly suggestions rather than strict directives to cover more ground and gain momentum. Your moto-family members may be anxious to spend more time with you, as a side affect to your new twist of fate. So be sure to make time for them as your presence is essential to everyone’s happiness.
Helmet Hair’s notable Sagittarius: HH Culture writer, Elisa Southard

Capricorn: The Sea-Goat
Adopting an open-minded attitude can improve your relationships in the motorcycle community and beyond during 2011. While it is true that everyone seems to have different beliefs, that doesn’t mean you can’t find common ground. Besides Ms. Capricorn, you may actually benefit from sharing ideas with such a diverse bunch. Viewing life through other people’s eyes, who have cruised down different roads, can give you a whole new appreciation for bikerhood altogether.
Helmet Hair’s notable Capricorn: HH co-editor/creator, Becky Shimek
Aquarius: The Water Carrier
Personal and financial affairs can get a bit muddied on the road less traveled and may require a of bit maintenance to recover. But there is still hope, avoid these entanglements by not offering loans, especially to a particular person who is riding on your sympathy. You know who I’m talking about. Your doubts about their trustworthiness can be confirmed by their actions via the club. Take this as a mile marker under your belt and save your hard-earned money for yourself. Cause we all know, Ms. Aquarius, that it is high time you invest in things that are truly meaningful to you in 2011.
Helmet Hair’s notable Aquarius: HH overseas Culture writer, Val Newman, aka UK Val
Pisces: The Two Fish
Oh my, water wanderer did you forget your riding buddy? This year your loved ones will be the destination you seek at the end of the road each day. So don’t take them for granted even though they seem to enjoy catering to your every whimsy. Make a u-turn in your direction and treat this person(s) like royalty now and again. Seek their input on the day’s journey, take up the packing of the saddlebag duties or surprise them with an impromptu bike wash. Your sweet disposition will draw you closer than ever before, and make you realize just how important your friend’s well-being is to your ultimate happiness.

Helmet Hair’s notable Pisces: HH Featured Artist writer, Gillian Hine


*Disclaimer: These Horoscopes are provided for entertainment purposes only, and as such, they come with no guarantee of accuracy or usability of the information and advice contained within.

Photo credit: Samir Admane