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Written by Cara Mae McGuire   




Riding out of your comfort zone

It’s not easy being green regardless of what shade our experience. To improve as riders, we must continue education at every step. But sometimes past riding encounters - road blocks, both mental and physical - can hold us back from growing as a motorcyclist. Most often when put in a new situation, you might feel vulnerable, scared and even embarrassed about your current skills not measuring up. It’s this normal reaction that challenges our mental comfort zone “the fear” leading to the physical set backs that might keep you staying behind the group, never taking the highway or shying away from cornering the dirt. Be courageous! Take charge by allowing yourself to feel briefly uncomfortable to enhance a lifelong ability. You can conquer these mental fears by practice, practice, and more practice! A safe environment with proper gear and a supportive mentor is the key to breaking these limits of our comfort zone allowing new experiences to ebb and flow. Of course with all motorsports, it’s hard to promise you’ll come out completely unscathed (you could say that‘s part of the journey), but if you take proper precautions you will certainly be a better rider for it, mentally and physically.



Hands ~ the sacred symbol of humanity

Our hands carry the weight of our world. They express what kind of life we lead, our age, how we communicate, the way we love and the type of work we do. They are literally an essential part of our existence as riders and deserve to be honored as such. We tend to forget that our hands need special attention much like our face, the skin is thin and delicate which is easily damaged by the weather‘s elements: sun, heat and cold, then add all our hard work to the mix and throw in some intense play… our poor hands don’t stand a chance.

Here are some suggestions to maintain healthy, harmonious hands:

~ Revitalize weather beaten dry hands by giving them a good salt scrub. Add a tablespoon full of salt to your favorite body gel while you wash to buff out all the dry spots. Then follow with a soothing lotion such as Road Hydrator by Ride Skin Care, a long-lasting blend of aloe, avocado butter and jojoba oil for maximum relief.

~ Protect hands from over exposure to the sun by adding a sun block of at least SPF30 to your daily regimen. When our mitts are not glove bound they bear the brunt of the suns rays leading to premature brown spots and wrinkles. So when en route, don’t forget to don some Rider’s Block by Ride Skin Care, an oil-free water resistant sunscreen enriched with green tea and chamomile.

~ Attention all Mechanicas! A natural way to get the grease grime off your hands is cornmeal. Yep, keep a simple stash of cornmeal in the garage to help rub away and absorb the oil left behind by your wrenchin’. Then wash with your favorite soap and you are good to go! Cornmeal is also handy for small oil spills in your work area.



Feed your inner spirit: “Move with the Sky” ~ Lotti Golden

An underground cult icon of the late 60s, Lotti Golden captured the motorcycle soul and the movement of women’s liberation in one psychedelic swoop. A velvety voice that is a mix between rock legend Janis Joplin and Motown‘s Aretha Franklin drives her album Motor-Cycle. The album takes listeners on a musical road trip back to 1969, where each song is a chapter in the bizarre story of Lotti and her pals cruising the streets looking for the party. Friends are lost and gained, drag queens roam and life is born all through a smoky haze set against a wall of blues rock, big band brass and funk boogie. Either you get it or you don’t, but one thing is clear: this gal has the pipes to carry motorcycle soul on a groove-tastic journey!

Dig it!




Lotti Golden
[Atlantic; 1969]
1. Motor Cycle Michael
2. Gonna Fay’s
3. A Lot Like Lucifer (Celia Said Long Time Loser)
4. The Space Queens (Silky is Sad)
5. Who Are Your Friends
6. Get Together (With Yourself)
7. You Can Find Him