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Ladies Rev'It! Turbine Jacket and Pants Print E-mail
Written by Alice Sexton   


Alice Sexton and Sarah SchilkeThe plan is set and in motion, literally. I’m rolling hard on the throttle and scraping a peg on the 405 ramp headed south to Huntington Beach to meet with expert partner in crime, Sarah Schilke (pictured). The scheme this time around? A three day blast to Keystone Colorado for the 2009 AMA Women in Motorcycling Conference where we will, along with world-traveler Carla King, be giving a presentation on solo riding. Sarah will be riding an Aprilia Tuono and I’m gonna beat the crap out of a Moto Guzzi V7 Classic trying to keep up with her on the bigger bike. Arriving at Sarah’s we tear open the just delivered box from Rev’It! and yank out the new gear. Sarah opted for the Phoenix leather jacket paired with the leather Gear pants and I grabbed the 2-piece Turbine textile suit with the Silver Dark Titanium jacket and Silver pants. We rip off the tags, pull on our suits, put Rev’It! stickers all over our bikes and helmets, snap a few pics and in less than 30 minutes are pulling out of the garage. That’s how great these suits fit right out of the box. 

Hard to believe that was one year ago. I’ve put the Turbine suit through some tough rides and here’s what I think about it after my yearlong affair. 

How often does the average female take a suit out of the box and right then wear it on a 2,000-mile motorcycle trip? I’d say almost never. Add to that, Sarah and I both fit into the same size 6/8 (38 Euro) suit, amazing to me considering Sarah is slimmer than me and 4” taller. With very little adjustment both of our suits were instantly comfortable. 

Being a Design Director and sometimes Moto-Journalist owning my own agency, a garment’s design and style is of course very important to me in this see–and–be seen world. Being a woman, the feminine fit is equally important. The Turbine suit is an appealing mix of high performance materials, high tech Rev' It! Turbine jacketadjustment features and simple overall solid design engineering. I prefer the three-tier neutral color scheme of the Silver Dark Titanium (black, dark warm grey and silver, to me it gives the suit more dimension than others that are either solid in color or only two-tone in color. I especially like the black side panels on the jacket that provide a slimming look to the torso with the black panel running down the inner leg does the same. Additionally, the level 2 CE rated armor is removable if for instance you prefer look over safety, you can remove the hip pads, I always leave mine in. 

The jacket and pants zip together with a full around zip, or a short, back panel only zip. I never leave the driveway without being fully zipped in and will not wear a suit that doesn’t offer this option. The reflective stripes are tastefully and strategically placed on the front and back of the jacket and the lower legs of the pants providing what I consider to be the minimum in visibility. I’ve ridden in hours of rain in this suit and can vouch for the Hydratex® 3L Membrane in the pants. The only moisture that got in was around the upper chest ventilation area and that was minimal. I’ve also spent many hours in the saddle crossing the desert in this suit and have to say that it is one of the most breathable. 

Other design details that make this suit tops for me were: the adjustable neck closure and tasteful collar hook, the UTA adjustable tabs on wrists and cuffs- I don’t know what this material is- but it is tough and attractive, interior loops for hanging the pants, stretch panels at exactly the right places and again the extremely flattering and very adjustable fit. The only two drawbacks for me were that the jacket is extremely tight across the chest, eventually the fabric relaxedRev' It! Turbine trousers here, but it is still tight. Secondly, both leg bottoms got burned/melted by the mufflers. I ride a LOT of different bikes including many vintage models, so for me some heat resistant material here would be welcomed. 

At first I thought the light color would be a detriment, I’m an all black kinda gal. But after a year I’ve not even had to wash this suit. I’ve been covered in mud and all I did was wipe it down with a wet sponge and on the tough areas use a little scruffy pad here and there and then towel it off. 

I’ve worn the suit for over a year and I still love it. Enough so that when I re-read the technical specs I was surprised they called this a mesh suit. When I think of mesh, this suit doesn’t even enter my consciousness. The Turbine is mostly 1000D Cordura® with strategically placed Dynax (looks like very a tightly woven fiberglass) mesh and then SuperFabric (?) with level 2 CE armor on all impact areas. Sure, I wouldn’t take this suit to the track, but it seems much sturdier than other “mesh” suits I’ve worn. I feel safe in this suit and that says a lot especially since I’m a known All Gear, All the Time, Dare Devil Sissy.


MSRP Jacket: $379.99

MSRP Trouser: $329.99


Pictured above - Overall jacket front: The front ventilation panel is the only point where moisture seeped in while riding in the rain./ Pants front: Removing the Temperfoam® hip pads would make me look skinnier, but I don't care.



review staffer











Review staffer, Brooklyn, can't resist a comfy spot to oversee the photo action.


Rev'It! adjustable collar feature











Nifty collar hook actually works; and the adjustment feature didn't wear out after a year's worth of adjusting. 


 waist adjustable and cut for females










The side adjustment is feminine cut and really gives you a waist.


 Inside jacket









Inner pocket was big enough. Note short and full zipper.


back of jacket











Back of jacket also accentuates the female form.


 Backside of pants













From the backside it's all good: my butt looks fast and even mud was easy to wipe off...yes, it was mud!


Pant closure









Pant closure: the gusset behind the zipper closure, the Hydratex 3L Membrane and the loops for hanging. I wish the jacket had come with the removable wind/weather membrane, but oh well.


Knee guards













Pro-Life CE knee protection stayed in place and suffered very little wear on the outside. Guzzis require constant oil vigilance so I usually wear out the knees on my suits as I check the levels daily. Also see the burn bits. Some high temp fabric shields here would be a good addition. As a side note, I was suprised how little dog hair actually attached itself to this suit. It's quite resistant, although you might see some here, not too bad for not cleaning the suit before taking the photos.




About Alice Sexton

Alice Sexton is a creative, editorial and marketing/pr professional in the powersports industry with over 20 years of experience. Her most recent client is Mitch Boehm’s Moto Retro Illustrated magazine which focuses on the 60’s, 70s and 80s moto-culture in the USA ( Sexton has served as Communications Director with the American Historic Racing Association (AHRMA) and as Brand Promotions Director with Advanstar Communications, proprietor of the Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows, Dealer Expo,, Dealernews and DirtSports magazines. She has also been a contributor to publications such Motorcyclist, Roadracing World, American Motorcyclist Magazine and 

Alice is an active long distance solo rider and vintage roadracer competing on her 500cc Moto Guzzi V50 and on her 650cc Ducati Pantah. She’s also a willing sidecar passenger at the races when the opportunity presents itself. Anyone got a ride?


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