Featured Artist: Lory Lockwood Print
Written by Cara Mae McGuire   

HH comes full circle with artist Lory Lockwood as we celebrate our 5th year in the moto industry. Since being featured as our very first Artist, she has made tremendous strides in the motorcycle art arena. See what Lory has been up to:

Lory Lockwood: Navel Gazing ~ Mechanical Paradise 

'Red on RedA recent art exhibit provided Lory Lockwood a unique opportunity to pay homage to the state of Florida as a Mechanical Paradise – a haven for the biking culture – riders, designers, and fans. For many years, Lory's been a frequent tourist to the Sunshine state. Her stops regularily include visiting with friends and family, hosting various art shows, and attending Florida's infamous motorcycle rallies. “Eventually for me, Florida evolved into a land of sun, clouds, blue skies and reflective, chrome metallic surfaces that gave inspiration for much of my motorcycle artwork” Lory says. This resulting in hundreds of photographs, many finished prints and quite a few paintings in oil. For example, “Red on Red” (pictured above) is the offspring of a Daytona trip and her signature piece, “Cool Pipes,” is the outcome from a jaunt to St. Petersburg. It made perfect sense when the opportunity arose to combine all of these works to showcase her talent at the Brevard Art Museum in the exhibit entitled Navel Gazing: Artists Visions of Florida. 

FinaltravertEven though displaying her art at the museum was an honor in itself, this time around Lory wanted to take her photographic imagery to another level by capturing the essence of Florida’s well-known bike builders in a series of “Portraits in Reflection.” Her subjects included the famed Cyril Huze, Eddie Trotta of Thunder Cycles, and Christian Travert of Travertson Cycles, to name a few. Lory marvels at this outstanding opportunity to add another dynamic to her photo realism: men behind the machines. After her visits with the bike builders, Lory discovered an artistic, intelligent group of motorcycle designers who are also engineers, business men, builders and painters willing to share their passion for creating beautiful choppers. She compares these men to sculptors, their mediums metal, glass, leather, rubber and paint - and their custom bikes, rolling sculptures on wheels – a kinetic fine art. 

Currently, you can view Lory’s artwork at the Womanmade Gallery in Chicago, Illinois in the exhibit “13th International Open” which runs from March 5 - April 22, 2010 and then at Bikeweek New Orleans her collection entitled “Dream Machines” will be on display May 6 - 8, 2010.


For more incredible art and info go to www.lorylockwood.com