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Written by Cara Mae McGuire   

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Frogging: A kindred mindset among the Women On Wheels

While hanging out with the Women On Wheels members during their 23rd Annual International Ride-In at Kerrville, Texas, my cohort Becky and I uncovered something so special, something that solidifies this group of women (and a few of their male support crew) as something much more than just a group of women, but more like a family.

It came to our attention in a hush-hush manner that these women were harboring a secret, one that involved a green amphibian. Being the super sleuths that we are, or just plain nosey, our curiosity got the better of us so we had to find out. We discovered that at the heart of this matter involved pure camaraderie: a mindset of kindred friendship in the guise of a frog. What is this tradition that involves a frog, you say? Well, it all started in 1994 by a mischievous group of WOW support members (who still shall remain nameless) whom visited a town called Toadsuck, Arkansas. Yep, no joke…Toadsuck! Just to prove a point that they had traveled to such a quirky-named place, they acquired a toad souvenir. Which story has it, that certain “toad” made the rounds during the following Ride-In, surprising and amusing unsuspecting members in their hotel bathtubs. Did we mention that all hotel rooms were locked during the frog infiltration? A visit from the ‘green one’ was steeped in mystery. Based on this very first notorious toad, the legend was born and transformed into what is now known as “Frogging.” And to this day, WOW Members all over the country are finding these hoppy totems strategically placed on their motorcycles, in their mailboxes, on their saddlebags, in their tents and yes, still in their hotel bathtubs, all to symbolize a hug filled with love and support from one WOW friend to another.

WOW's Mission: To unite all women motorcycle enthusiasts for recreation, education, mutual support, recognition, and to promote a positive image of motorcycling.  

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Rider Fitness   

Motorcycling is a unique sport using equally unique muscles in our body. And with that comes the responsibility of taking care of our bodies to be the best rider we can be on and off the road. The first step in doing so, is becoming aware of your body’s messages that it sends, such as sore back, thigh cramps or maybe even neck strain. Then the second step is to set fitness goals associated with these certain problem areas to work out the kinks and eventually compliment your riding style. Reaching your own personal fitness riding goal is a key factor in maintaining the longevity of your performance and awareness while touring, stunting, racing or just taking a jaunt around the block. Some benefits you may reap from a regular exercise routine include additional endurance to increase your response time. There‘s also the benefit of enhanced muscular strength and flexibility, which will help to improve durability and the recovery period caused by injuries. By also including a regular exercise routine, you can build greater resilience allowing you to avoid the sudden negative effects of fatigue, i.e. falling asleep at the wheel. But most of all, being at your own ideal fitness level leads to a clear mind and overall well being for better concentration on safety and proper technique so you can enjoy the ride.

Check out these resources to get you started:

Enjoy The Ride - A Fitness Guide For Motorcyclists
by Lisa M. Wolfe 
Get Fitter...Ride Better
by Heritage Health & Fitness




Photo: Stephanie Jones Juarez / Photo art: Cara Mae











Feed Your Inner Spirit: Blue Scooter

Small, agile, but not so fragile,
Have you seen me?
I am no average commuter,
I breeze through the streets of S. A. on my little blue scooter.

Rolling, watching and carefully plotting,
Just to avoid that unconscious driver.
So consumed with everything that is, except the road.
They are missing the beauty out there in auto mode.

Sights, sounds, so much nature all around,
Racing the wind.
Feeling more a part of the bigger whole,
Freedom here my friend is the ultimate goal.

Only 50cc’s, not so much speed,
but an enjoyable ride.
I love how it feels,
Riding on two wheels!

Poem and Photo by Stephanie Jones Juarez

 Photo Art by Cara Mae