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Alllyson CollinsI have been riding since 2004. I decided I wanted a motorcycle when I was falling asleep on the back of my now-husband's bike. I met him at the local gas station hangout. My husband had always told me, "There were two kinds of riders, those who have wrecked and those who just haven't wrecked yet." I guess I thought I would never be either of those types of riders, but that ended for me on September 5, 2010. We were on the second day of our annual trip to stay at Punkin Center Motorcycle Resort and ride the Dragon, Cherohala Skyway and anywhere else the road would take us. We had ridden the Dragon on Saturday and were excited for our long ride on Sunday.


We were on our way to meet some friends and only a mile into the trip an RV took me out. My left leg was run over and they were afraid I would lose that leg due to the exposed muscle and tissue. My right ankle was broken, my hip and pelvis were fractured, along with fractures to my ribs and spine. Those injuries put me in a back brace to sit up, a cast on my right leg, skin grafts to repair my left leg that was run over, a rod in my back and pelvic fixator. I am thankful to a gentleman that happened to be from Bedford, IN for holding me in place until the EMTs arrived, he kept me from being paralyzed. I have been through an absolute ton of pain in the last two months, but I have made it a long way since the accident. My pelvis was the last bone to heal and I was cleared by the doctor to use my right leg on November 23rd and can walk around the house without my walker already.

The doctor said that it will take around a year for everything to be completely healed so this coming summer will probably include a lot of thought about whether or not I should doAllyson and bike certain things (such as go to a theme park!). I have been overwhelmed by the love, prayers and concern from all of my family, local friends and friends. All of their prayers are getting me through this and I will be forever grateful.

PS.  My favorite ride by far is the Cherohala Skyway. The views are spectacular and I get into a groove where I feel so free and that no one can touch me. I think that's the only time I can truly relax.