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HH Reader Survey 2010: Results! Print E-mail
Written by Becky Shimek   


Notable Numbers:


35% Own two or more motorcycles

46% Have modified their bike(s) for a better (ergonomical) fit

90% Have full-coverage insurance protection

85% Wear a helmet

54% Perform preventative maintenance on her own motorcycle

70% Purchase moto apparel online/ 57% of those online purchases are jackets

70% Have mentored another female rider

68% Is the sole female in her family tree that has piloted a motorcycle 


Mentoring Opportunities, Plus Safety Skills and Riding Gear will be driving factors to encourage more females to pilot their own motorcycle.  

Hundreds of you responded. You were generous enough to take the time and make your voice heard and count! But what does it all mean? It means progress, for starters. 

Tip Jar: The Transition to Joyful Riding Print E-mail
Written by Petra Baer, VTwin Mama   


moto from above credit matthew maaskantI would be a very rich woman if I could accurately predict the amount of hours and miles/kilometers it will take each and every new rider on this planet to start having some fun on their motorcycle. Most of us start out having to think through all of the actual mechanical steps … every moment of every ride. So the million-dollar/euro question is not only when is it going to happen, but will it ever happen?


Traveling Malaysia Print E-mail
Written by Sheonagh Ravensdale & Pat Thomson   


p1010489cAffectionately self-coined "Dusty Old Bags" via their blog, Sheonagh (61) and Pat (57) hail from England and are currently traveling around the world on two Brazilian Honda Falcon NX 400’s. December 2009 marked the start of their escapade, in which they rode through Central America to LA and then flew their bikes to Tokyo before touring the countries of Japan and Korea. They are currently exploring Thailand, Cambodia and Laos before heading off to India. Their bikes have treked 27,000 miles to South America and Europe - even before the start of this trip, which now clock up to a phenomenal 45,000 miles. Pat, who does all the maintenance, is hoping they will survive the journey back to the UK! The dynamic duo is on their twelfth country, and share with us their "bike-friendly" experiences in Malaysia.


Spotlight Winner: Allyson Collins Print E-mail


Alllyson CollinsI have been riding since 2004. I decided I wanted a motorcycle when I was falling asleep on the back of my now-husband's bike. I met him at the local gas station hangout. My husband had always told me, "There were two kinds of riders, those who have wrecked and those who just haven't wrecked yet." I guess I thought I would never be either of those types of riders, but that ended for me on September 5, 2010. We were on the second day of our annual trip to stay at Punkin Center Motorcycle Resort and ride the Dragon, Cherohala Skyway and anywhere else the road would take us. We had ridden the Dragon on Saturday and were excited for our long ride on Sunday.


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