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survey A heartfelt thank you to the hundreds (552 to be exact) of you who took the Helmet Hair™ Magazine.com Reader Survey back in October. The results have finally been tabulated and revealed for your dissecting pleasure. Part of the purpose to conduct a survey was to measure the profile of ‘today’s’ female rider: from the type of bike you own (and how many), to your level of riding experience and skills you’ve acquired; and to learn if you wear safety gear and how you purchase it. We also were interested in how many of you belong to a riding group or association, and how many of you have mentored another female through her journey as a new rider.

While many of your responses were not so different from those we garnered back in 2005—when we conducted our first survey—there were new surprises and revelations that may hold the key to increasing our numbers and exposure, which is really the bottom line.

We continually seek to showcase the women who work hard to reach out and educate fellow female riders. It’s the tools and wisdom they impart that have created the healthy numbers we enjoy today. In this issue, we spotlight females who do just that. Beginning with Stefy Bau, a two-time former Women’s National and World Motocross Champion, who, today, is helping to change the face of motocross around the globe through her “211 International MX Camps.” Stefy’s story is compelling because she set the stage for females to compete against males in the AMA pro motocross circuit, accomplishing what no other woman had accomplished until then.  Another example of a tireless mentor, Petra Baer aka: VTwin Mama, has provided advice to thousands of women who visit her web site in search of answers to their riding challenges.  Her latest “Tip Jar” installment shares the quest to reach the goal of joyful riding.

As the mentoring opportunities continue to blossom, we’re also keeping tabs on how the Industry is currently marketing to female riders, via the subject of our latest Top Ten list. And find out what HH contributor, Elisa Southard, learned at the International Motorcycle Show (IMS) in her neck of the woods. Plus we introduce, Elizabeth Raab, a photographer who has a racy but elegant edge to her work. Read your Motor-Scope for 2011 in the Road Goddess Guide and meet our latest Reader Story, the current President of the Women on Wheels (W.O.W) motorcycle club, Chris Baldwin.

Lastly, we’d like to share with you that our six-year-old ezine is making a transition, so changes are on the horizon. In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy reading our current issue and that you walk away learning something new. 

The Road Beckons!

Becky Shimek & Cara Mae McGuire
Helmet Hair magazine.com