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Written by Cara Mae McGuire   


chicks on bikes coverHH is proud, delighted and utterly in love with the integrity and rolling style of ”Chicks on Bikes”
by Christina Shook.

When we first met Christina Shook, a budding photo journalist in 2006, her book was just a seed; and had barely taken root. During these beginning stages, we were lucky enough to get a few sneak peeks before it had even fully ripened. And now in 2009, Chicks on Bikes has reached its full fruition, growing into a distinctive piece of work. Christina’s visual gift of prose through ‘words n’ pics‘ has blossomed into a spectacular digest showcasing all the unique faces of a woman rider while dispelling old fashioned preconceived notions and attitudes of what a biker chick should be.

Throughout the book, you are drawn in by both the compelling imagery and individual story each rider encompasses. An endearing insight of what brings woman and machine together. The "chicks" featured are as diverse as they are similar: mechanics, sisters, corporate climbers, seniors, daily commuters, mothers, speed racers, friends, vintage aficionados…every type of motorcyclist imaginable who make up today’s sisterhood. Chicks on Bikes inspires the reader through each page to dig a little deeper into the community around us, embracing all that the female biker has to offer. Our helmets off to you Christina, thanks for the great ride!


Take a trip inside:

Diane rides a 1985 Honda Sabre that looks like something out of Michael Jackson’s Thriller phase. Standing a slim 6 feet tall with soft blond hair and light blue eyes, it toughens up her image. diane gibbs

“Every time I get out there, stare down my fear and risk life and limb on my magic carper it reminds me that I AM A BAD ASS AND THAT FEAR DOESN’T DETER MY BLISS. It’s flying. It’s closer to flying than the flying trapeze. And I’ve done flying trapeze. Granted, I have fear of heights, but that’s another story,” she says.


Chicks on Bikes
Publisher: Paper Wings Publishing
Hardcover: 156 pages
Dimensions: 8x8x1 inches
Shipping weight: 2.0 pounds
ISBN-13: 978-0-9825170-0-0
Signed Copy $24.95
Christina opens up about women, motorcycles, and "Chicks on Bikes"


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