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Written by Cara Mae McGuire   
Amelia White
Motorcycle Dream


Amelia WhiteMeet Amelia White, an up and coming troubadour in Nashville’s alternative country music scene. A singer/songwriter whose music delves into the pockets of your soul with rich poetic lyrics that take you along for a ride while romancing you with raw charismatic acoustic-electric melodies. Her creative sound is a cross between the heart of Lucinda Williams and the intense essence of Tom Petty. Hailing from North Virginia and living in various towns from coast to coast, Amelia draws from her nomadic spirit and life to root her dynamic albums into solid pieces of audio artwork. She has been recognized by the Americana Music Association’s “Top Ten Artist Picks” in 2007; featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and piqued many a famous artist’s musical ears, such as Anne McCue, to cut her songs. Amelia adds to her tour creds great talents like Justin Townes Earle, Garrison Starr and Mindy Smith. With that said, join HH as we fall under Amelia’s musical spell through her words and song:


HH: How did you get started in the music biz?

AW: Let’s say the music biz just kind of came to meet me slowly though as a true artist it's a tough marriage. I actually took the leap away from day job in Boston by mixing regular gigs in with making a good living playing the subways. Those were magical times when I realized the freedom I could haveAmelia live through my guitar and voice with the songs I wrote. I've always been extremely creative; painting, writing songs and poetry since I was a child. But the moment that solidified my career as a musician was… Well, there are quite a few moments, but one that stands out, is after playing in Boston for years along with a part time job and winning Boston’s Best Folk Act… I just felt so burned out that I decided to move to Seattle and try to make music more of a "hobby", than a career. As soon as I got to Seattle I started writing songs that were undeniably cool, and I managed to get in the line up at the famous Bumbershoot Music & Art Festival and right after my set the great producer, Tucker Martine, approached me about making a record. Uh…it was like, HELL NO I AINT quitting now! Its moments, points in time, like that just continually carry me forward.

HH: How has your life influenced your music?

AW: I think in a way I've been nomadic my whole life. The longest I've lived anywhere is 12 years.... Since I've lived in Nashville I have toured a lot so that helps me to exercise the part of me that needs to move. I think as an artist, especially a songwriter, I need to move around and experience different landscapes, cities, and feelings... to fill up the place in me that creates, without change and movement that place becomes empty.   

HH: Any new or recent events, accolades, updates, tours?

AW: The CD, MOTORCYCLE DREAM, has just come out. This is a self-release that took every tooth and nail in me to get recorded. So I'm touring like crazy to promote it. I did a couple of month long west coast tours a year or so ago, which I'm really looking forward to doing again with this album. And let me say, if only I could tour on a bike! I also have a Norwegian tour in the works as well as some possible TV show sound spots.

HH: Why did you entitle a song and your album "Motorcycle Dream?"

Amelia WhiteAW: I actually wrote the song five years ago on a day that I kind of hit a certain high and low in my life at the same time. I'd signed my first record deal which was stellar and I was out on the road. So much so, that my steady relationship deteriorated and I was so poor from roughin’ it on tour that I couldn't keep the house I'd bought a couple years before. On the one hand, I was out doing my music with an incredible music team behind me -A total dream come true. But on the other hand my stable life had been sacrificed. I think in those moments I realized what it really is to be an artist, to put it totally first, and also to let go of the financial chains that hold us all back. The realization of that freedom took me back in my mind to the summer a friend lent me a Honda 250 and taught me to ride. The feeling of riding a bike all over the back roads of Bainbridge Island, Washington along the ocean became a
metaphor in the song for the lonely but exhilarating high of freedom. After recording the album I realized I'd spent so much time on the road that many of the songs had a thread of the theme of freedom, escape, and self discovery that it just made sense to name the album MOTORCYCLE DREAM.

HH: What are your current goals for your album and song(s)?

AW: I've recently entered the song MOTORCYCLE DREAM into the American Songwriter's Monthly Lyric contest and also the entire album into the Americana category of the Independent Music Awards. I have pitched the tune to the T.V. Film agency I work with...call me an optimist, but I think it's only a matter of time before it ends up in a movie. The song is also being cut and recorded by one of Nashville’s coolest Australian born artists, Anne McCue for her upcoming album, BROKEN PROMISE LAND. www.annemccue.com

HH: What are your thoughts about women and motorcycles?

AW: I love women and I love motorcycles! Once again, If only I could tour on a bike...Wow, now that would be ideal! To dig in a bit more, I think all women should at least give it a go, to take on something traditionally male and make it your own is always liberating. It's also actually sexy to those who are strong enough to not feel threatened. There is an absolute high that comes from riding that everyone experiences, as a woman it's doubled because not only are we stepping out of our traditional role as a passenger but we are also embracing the image that is culturally perceived as wild and rebellious.   




For more music and tour dates check out AW's myspace now at http://www.myspace.com/ameliawhite