TOP TEN: Holiday Wish List Print
Written by Becky Shimek   


We’ve compiled a wish list dreamed up from HH contributors, friends, and yours truly. From the totally attainable to some budget-busting items, it’s never too early to tell Santa that you’ve been a good moto-girl this year.


tent #1 Nomad Ténéré Expedition

I have loved my Bibler Awhanee tent for solo motorcycle travel for over a decade but, call me fickle, this new Nomad Ténéré Expedition just caught my eye. A two-person capacity tent is the perfect size for a woman traveling solo and this one has a vestibule that (drum roll...) holds your motorcycle. Uh huh. Yet, I can imagine all kinds of other situations where the "garage" would come in handy, like as an extra room to help keep my sanity in a spate of bad weather, and shelter from the sun in good weather, and as a cooking shelter, and for entertaining guests, and for star gazing, and . . . yeah, just lounging in the lap of luxury. Packs to 8x21 inches, 13 pounds. Price $399.97 at AltRider and other online retailers.   - Carla King, Motorcycle Misadventures   



trailer#2 Customized Ironhorse Fliptop Trailer

Crunched for time and find yourself increasingly in need to haul your ride? There’s no shame in that when you roll up in a jaw-dropping customized trailer that perfectly matches your automobile. The aerodynamic styling and lightweight body provides great fuel economy, and has a low platform so YOU can easily unload your own bike. Another female-friendly attribute, the Ironhorse Fliptop is fully furnished on the inside, making it easier to clean (thus more time to moto), and you can park this pristine pretty in your garage, too, so no added trip to a storage lot. Comes in three different sizes, to fit one motorcycle, or bring two. For complete details and to get a quote:    - Becky Shimek, Helmet Hair  


 helmet web#3 Schuberth C3W Helmet

I seriously never thought I’d want a flip-up helmet. That is, until I tried on the Schuberth C3W and fell in love. I know that sounds silly, who could love a helmet but here’s why. The C3W is the first helmet engineered specifically for women with an interior that not only is adjusted for our smaller head sizes but also for our narrower faces and cheek bones which in turn makes this helmet even safer due to the better fit. The microfiber fabric is also anti-bacterial, non allergenic and prevents staining from make-up, wow! The helmet just glides on and is so, so soft on your cheeks. Here’s the best part, the new fabric won’t mess up your make-up, and for the most part you can just wipe it off and don’t have to remove the lining to wash it. So boys you’re out of luck, this one’s for the girls! MSRP: $699. Visit the Schuberth site for all the details.    - Alice Sexton, creative director; motojournalist, Dare Devil Sissy.  



lockwood web#4 Commissioned Motorcycle Art

Consider your motorcycle a work of art? Would you love to see it hanging on your wall? Commission a portrait of your beloved bike by renown Photorealism artist, Lory Lockwood. Award-winning talent, Lory’s ability to recreate the glossy chrome finish on your steed might just move you to tears. Dream up your own background –perhaps with you in it? – or tap into Lory’s imagination to create a masterpiece suited for the Smithsonian. And for the budget-conscience rider (aka, all of us), Lockwood offers three payment installments to get your moto-gallery started.   – Becky Shimek, Helmet Hair      



#5 Rich Oliver’s Mystery School

Power slide. Get dirty. Dirt bike.  Sounds good — so good it tops my Christmas wish list. A street rider since day one, who stays within the white stripes, is ready to holeshot (be the first rider through the first turn.) Santa Baby, get me down to Rich Oliver’s Mystery School in central California for the Dirt Track Fun Camp. And remember, stuff into that stocking Body Shop Frangipani Bathing Milk for a hot soak at the end of the ride!   - Elisa Southard, author, freelance journalist, Helmet Hair contributor  



stella jacket web#6 Alpinestars Women's Stella Lux Leather Jacket

Crave a motorcycle jacket that doesn’t look or feel like a motorcycle jacket? Me, too. That’s why I’m asking Santa for this Stella Lux Leather number. Though, he might say: don’t you have enough jackets? I can assure him ‘this is really the one.’ Because it’s both hip, yet classically designed so I can wear it year-after-year without it going out of style. And because it’s modern and lightweight, Stella will roll with me both on the asphalt and on the pavement. Naturally, Alpinestar has all the protective body-armor features, so safety is in the bag. Oh yeah, and please deliver the crème color. Yes, just so happens to be the ‘it’ color this year. But that has NOTHING to do with my choice. Wink. Found here for $499.95.  – Becky Shimek, Helmet Hair 



pink toolbox web#7 The Original Pink Box By Cala Industries

Whoever said pink was for sissies? Add a little feminine spice to your garage and reclaim your domain! Topping my wishlist is The Original Pink Box made of durable steel, smooth casters and powder coated to a finish of rockin’ hot pink. These storage boxes are available in a variety of stackable sizes to create the ultimate tool storage wall of paradise. And if pink isn't your thing, these handy toolboxes also come in Kawasaki lime green or Viper stainless steel.   – Cara Mae McGuire, Helmet Hair   



backpack#8 Axio Swift 2.0 Hardpack

Daily commutes to work on a two-wheel ride is challenging enough, so why should your gear be? The Axio Swift 2.0 Hardpack has come to the rescue with a futuristically-designed backback to hold your laptop or Ipad, the accoutrements that go with, and even leave room for a small change of clothes for those of you who also have a night life. The Hardpack’s true testament is that it’s surprisingly soft as it molds to your form and aerodynamically fitted to go with the flow. Just ask Joanne Donn: “One thing I noticed immediately is that when riding and wearing the Axio, it didn't even feel like I was carrying a laptop. They've done an incredible job of redistributing the weight of the bag to the upper back/shoulders, without pulling or added stress on those muscles.”  Read her review for the full scoop / Found on various online stores from 189.00 +   - Becky Shimek, Helmet Hair   



towanda web#9 Towanda Women’s Motorcycle Tours

Let the women of Towanda Motorcycle Tours take you to some of the Earth’s most incredible places atop a bike for the ultimate girls’ get-a-way. Why not splurge a little and plan your next vacation around your motorcycle and your favorite gal pals on a journey to gain insight about different culture, history, and geography of the various countries traveled. And you can feel good about your guilty pleasure as Towanda Women’s Tours also focus on protecting the natural environment from which they ride. Call your buds and book one today.    – Cara Mae McGuire, Helmet Hair   



sunglasses web#10 Wiley X  “Stomp” Motorcycle Sunglasses

You might love your Ray’s, Prada’s, or Oakley’s, but it’s Wiley that will steal your heart.  That’s because Wiley X Motorcycle Sunglasses not only offer trendy styles, but they protect like no other. Built into these unassuming spectacles are life-saving features such as the ANSI HVP high velocity impact technology and  the Filter 8 Polarization to protect you from UV rays. RX Ready with an entire purpose-driven spectrum of lens colors to choose from, Wiley X is an affordable luxury that should be on your holiday list. I like the Stomp model ($104), but they have a wide variety to choose from.   – Becky Shimek, Helmet Hair