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Top Ten: Industry Motorcycle Ads, Web sites and Promotions that Target Women Riders
It's encouraging to see magazine advertisements and online/print promotion materials showcase female riders...and so exciting to see when these images/messages hit their mark. View HH's list of companies who do just that -- in slideshow format!


Stefy Bau
Interview: Stefy Bau, MX Star turned Mentor
Stefy Bau's "211 International MX Camps" are helping to change the face of motocross around the globe, one female at a time. Sounds like a lofty feat, but for this two-time former Women's American and World  MX Champion, empowering others is her life's ambition.


Featured Artist: Elizabeth Raab

Featured Artist: Elizabeth Raab
Elizabeth Raab's photographs often contain visually
strong, emotionally sensual images that cross the
boundry between her subjects and her objects,
which in this case happen to be Ducati Motorcycles.
View her latest, Desmo Photography Collection, and
learn about this rising star of the art world.


photo credit matthew maaskant



The Tip Jar: The Transition to Joyful Riding
"I would be a very rich woman if I could accurately
predict the amount of  hours and miles/kilometers it
will take each and every new rider on this planet to start having fun on their motorcycle," suggest Petra
Baer. Learn what others experience and the great
advice Petra is able to impart.


Elisa Southard at IMS






IMS: Wrapter, Rescue and Lights
HH contributor, Elisa Southard, is a collector of skills. So what better place than a visit to the women's hub at the International Motorcycle Show in San Mateo, California, to enhance her knowledge as a rider. Join Elisa as she reviews a handful of products and services that do just that. 


Traveling Malaysia
Traveling Malaysia
Affectionately self-coined "Dusty Old Bags" via their blog, Sheonaugh (61) and Pat (57) are currently traveling around the world via motorcycle. This dynamic duo shares one of the current thrill rides: Malaysia.


image credit admane samir

Road Goddess Guide: 2011 Motor-Scope Special Edition
It's that time of year again to learn your motor-scope fate as told by the alignment of the stars, well, sort of. Read which HH contributor shares your sign, too.


chris baldwin
Reader's Story: W.O.W. President, Chris Baldwin
Chris shares her life story about learning to ride on her brother's mini-bike to later enjoying the rewards as long-time member of the Women on Wheels motorcyle club, where she currently resides as president. Through it all, she credits her mother for being her role model and her inspiration.


morons on the road
Scooteristas Unite!
HH contributor, Heather Owens, tackles the subject of morons on the road: What scooterist wish cars knew. From the philosophical to the literal, she contemplates the reasons why we should all be able to share the road.

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